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  • 1.What’s the difference between Commercial switch and Industrial switch

    Industrial switch compared with commercial switch is more stable, it has the characteristics which commercial switch hasn’t, such as redundant power supply by industrial switch, wide power supply 12-57V, IP40 protection, high temperature and low temperature resistance, strong anti-electromagnetic interference, high stability. It is more used outside for the data capturing. Nowadays, the Industrial switch is not much high like before, so more and more user will be choosing to use Industrial switch instead of commercial switch.


  • 2.What’s the advantage of your product compared with other Industrial switch?

    Firstly, We can not say how much advantages we have than others, but we can say our prices are prior competitive to the competitors. We supply a lots OEM for domestic market, also we operate with our own brand, which largely used on different kinds of project, like highway, rail traffic, airport , hospital, mine, water power, automatic production etc.

    Secondly, Yuhang is sensitive to the chipset supplying since epidemic happened in early of 2020, we have gone very early than other companies to backup chipset. So our delivery is very stable and fast. We could get 10-30days delivery than others 2-3months.

    Thirdly, we not do only one or only two solutions to our switches, multi-solutions made us keep the lead in Industrial switch line, we supply IC+, Realtek, Marvel, Vitesse, Broadcom etc. Customers can be really one-stop to purchase.

  • 3.What’s the surge protection to our Industrial switch?

    All of our products have been designed with Surge protection. The level is : 6Kv,Common 6Kv,Difference 4Kv. The surge protection on the equipment is essentially some kinds of induction lighting. What we designed the protection circuit is purpose to protect our switch chipset. Eg. The switch has the surge protection of power supply, ethernet ports. So that our power supply is 6Kv protection. Once a direct inductive lighting comes in, we also have a fuse to partition it, which serves as a power protection function, so as not to burn out the main board of our switch and cause unnecessary customer losses.

    But our power port can only prevent inductive lightning, if you directly hit our switch, directly break the circuit board, or split through, or directly break the aluminum alloy casing, such lightning, our equipment is not able to withstand, such a situation is generally unable to repair.We also made against lightning so part of the processing, and anti-static surge and EMC processing, general next on the front of the camera cable signal is added a lightning protection device, lightning protection device for a protection, but behind so we also added a detonator prevention also have a layer of protection, so the lightning protection of main is let the induction lightning avoid damage the mainboard,Also did the surge and static 6000V treatment.Surge and static electricity is mainly sometimes there is a surge and static electricity, from the net into the broken board to do the processing.So our boards conform to industrial design and are well handled in terms of surges, static electricity and lightning strikes.In fact, in essence, surge, static electricity and lightning is basically a protective effect, if the real thunder down our equipment is not able to carry, can give customers an example, telecommunications, mobile spend millions of dollars a year, tens of millions of dollars to do lightning treatment, when the equipment will also be split by lightning.

  • 4.What’s means “Ring network” ?

    Ring network is to let multiple switches (if the switch here is optical, itshould start with two port) connected to be ring, and then the first switch and the last switch are first connected, forming a ring, if one of the optical fiber link is broken, no data will be lost, playing a reverse escape function.In fact, it is more about the protection of data collection after an optical fiber 

    link is broken.All rings are administrative switches.Unmanaged switches cannot group rings with each other, because unmanaged switches create a network storm by grouping rings together.Cause the switch to crash.

  • 5.How is your guarantee?

    ◆  We commit to provide replacement with new product Within one year (since factory delivery date)

    ◆  We commit to provide 3 years guarantee to main parts (since factory delivery date)

    ◆  We commit lifetime repair for customers (after 3 years, to charge materials cost only)