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Expressway monitoring solution
Expressway monitoring solution
Expressway monitoring solution


Expressway monitoring system refers to the two main problems in the expressway operation: congestion and safety, and the establishment of the monitoring system, its purpose is to ensure driving safety and smooth road.Monitoring and control system is an important part of expressway traffic electromechanical system. Its main function is to make use of modern traffic flow observation, guidance and control related theories, and the use of computer technology, closed-circuit television monitoring technology, information multimedia technology and other fields of the latest scientific and technological development achievements.The traffic operation condition, vehicle driving condition and road environment condition of the expressway should be observed comprehensively, and the driving route and driving mode of the vehicles along the way should be effectively guided and controlled.

Yuhang managed Industrial switch : YH6428GS-M-SFP, YH628BGSP-SFP,YH648BGSP-SFP are adopted in the solution of the highway monitoring system. According to the environmental conditions, an interface station is set in each section. The monitoring of each section in the line adopts high-definition camera, and the video information is gathered together through the ring network switch.Then each monitoring point is gathered in the monitoring sub-station by the way of loop network redundancy.The monitoring sub-stations upload and gather on the Gigabit switch of the monitoring center through the Gigabit Ethernet optical network channel, and transmit the video information to the large monitor screen, so as to control the traffic condition of the highway in real time.

Topology diagram:The expressway monitoring system controls the traffic condition of the expressway in real time


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Model: YH6428GS-M-SFP

24-Port Gigabit RJ45+4G combo

L2 managed Industrial PoE switch



Model: YH688GS-SFP

8-Port Gigabit RJ45(PoE)+8G SFP 

L2 managed Industrial PoE switch



Model: YH628BGSP-SFP

8-Port Gigabit RJ45(PoE)+2G SFP 

L2 managed Industrial PoE Switch